Update from Director of Business


I have great news in that the pool has come to temperature and the PWHS Girls Swim Team began practicing in our pool this week! We are one step closer.  

On this past Monday evening our leadership team presented to the School Board a framework for working to open up our facilities to our kids and communities. Our first goal is getting school started, followed by allowing kids to use them, followed by the PWSSD community. With each new layer added, we are trying to take a conservative approach to maximizing the safety of our students and staffs, and allow additional groups the opportunity to use our facilities. With regard to the DAC, Brittany Roecker, our Aquatics Director, is putting the final touches on plans to get many of you back in the water. My guess is that there will be an article regarding the DAC in the Ozaukee Press this week, so I wanted to get out in front of the article, peak your excitement and also temper that are some details that still need to work out before increasing access.

We have the initial goal of limited access beginning on Tuesday, September 8th. Next week we will get more details out to you of what we will be doing to safely welcome you back, and the things you will need to do to help us.  

I look forward to forwarding more of the plans next week!

Best regards,



Pool Update (1/26/21)


Some of you may be aware that there have been some changes made by the Port Washington School District. The high school students will now be returning to full time in person school. Prior to this change, they were in cohorts and virtual learning, which allowed them to work later hours.  Unfortunately, this school change will affect the DAC because our high school students need to get to school. We will need to shorten our AM LAP hours. We are in the midst of looking for lifeguard coverage so we can open the pool back to normal hours.  We will have to temporarily change the AM LAP hours starting Monday, February 1st as follows:

Monday-Friday the pool will be open from 5:15am - 6:30am.

 Patrons will have to be out of the building by 6:45am.

Aqua Fit hours have changed to 5:45am-6:30am M, W, F (uses 1 lap lanes)

Senior Class hours have changed to 5:40am-6:25am T, TH, F (uses 2 lap lanes)

We understand this is not ideal and we thank you for your patience as we go through another change.

I know many will have to adjust their pool usage time because of this change. Please keep in mind that the pool capacity is 35 people due to Covid-19. We will do our best to accommodate everyone.

Thank you,



Pool Update (8/13/20)

It has been an interesting summer for the DAC to say the least. We have replaced a bunch of leaky underground plumbing and hope to have taken care of most, if not all, of the water issues. There were some areas that we couldn’t scope, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that those pipes are sound. The pool contactors have been tough to pin down, with anyone with an outdoor pool or someone wanting to build one, making it difficult to get crews in. They know when swim season starts and how long it takes to get their task done, so they have a tendency to push projects like ours to the back burner until crunch time. 

Tuesday of this week, the areas that were in need of mud jacking were fortified with a synthetic material that limits the erosion that can take place. On Wednesday’s schedule, the plaster patching of the excavated areas for the plumbing leak locations and the injection holes from the mud jacking took place. We hope to begin filling the pool on Thursday, with the water coming to temperature for PWHS Swim Team practice for opening day on Monday.

I do not have answers at the current time with regard to outside patron use of the pool and the hours that we will be in operation. Currently the District is not allowing any outside groups or activities inside of our buildings. A couple of kids’ sports groups have submitted safety plans and are holding events outside in a non-contact environment. Knowing our first responsibility is to students, we want to get facilities up and running, and work out possible logistics of allowing public use of the pool facilities in the near future. I will get another update out within the next 30 days.

Our Pool Director, Brittany, and I have been in conversations for setting up protocols that can bring students and pool patrons back to our DAC. Things may have to work differently with regard to access, hours of operation, locker room facilities and whether we limit access to just residents of the school district. These will not be permanent changes, but in setting up the most prudent protocols to keep people safe and kids in school, we have to start with small steps.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!


Pool Update (6/18/20)

Attention Patrons:

We just wanted to provide you with a pool update.

With great ingenuity and experience, Todd Belohlav and Andy Schmidt, our head custodians at TJMS were able to jack up the bulk head to perform the remaining pressure tests to the pipes below the pool well. The results were not favorable, however now is the time to do additional repairs. Two of the in-flow water pipes were compromised and Badger Pools is working to “Sleeve the pipes with PVC piping to eliminate these additional areas where significant water loss was taking place. Access to the repairs is gained through excavation of areas of the pool floor. Before the last two (hopefully) repairs are made, Steve Guthrie is bringing in a camera scoping company to ascertain the exact spots of the pipe failure to minimize the excavation.

Once these repaired and the pressure test come back satisfactory, we will then be able to do the mudjacking of the voids below the pool. To visualize what occurred, leaking water created the voids that placed greater pressure on the pipes, which created greater leaking problems. Due to the scheduling of contractors, a date for completion cannot be given.

Knowing that high school swim season could begin in early August serves as a goal for the District.

The major repairs that we are making should have a long term impact for the DAC.  We are still exploring other aspects including HVAC and lighting, and knew that we had to take care of the pool itself first. Given COVID and the availability of the contractors, this has been a process that tests everyone’s patience. Our goal is to do it right so that we can avoid extended shut downs in the future.


COVID-19 Update

Attention Patrons:

We have received many questions about when the pool will reopen and about pass refunds/discounts. As of now, the State has closed all schools and school facilities for non-essential activity through the end of June.  With that being said, the pool is currently drained and under repair. Unfortunately, we don't know the exact timeline for all the repairs to be complete, but the crew is working hard on it.  We will remain closed until further notice.

If you have already purchased a pool pass this year we will extend the pass past the current expiration date.

We will keep you up to date as much as possible.   Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Dear Families,
The health of our students, staff, families, and most vulnerable is of utmost importance, and we support all efforts to reduce the impact of COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidelines for school districts regarding school closures on March 13, 2020. In consideration of the unprecedented situation in Wisconsin and the nation, both the North Shore and Washington Ozaukee Public Health Departments support "medium length" school closures for schools to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.
The Port Washington-Saukville School District along with the following school districts: Brown Deer, Cedarburg, Fox Point-Bayside, Germantown, Glendale-River Hills, Grafton, Maple Dale-Indian Hill, Nicolet, Northern Ozaukee, Mequon-Thiensville, Shorewood, and Whitefish Bay will be closing for the next four weeks with the possibility of extension. This means that our district, along with others, will be closing for a four week period beginning Monday, March 16, 2020, with school tentatively resuming on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.
According to the Health Department, the impact of a single case in any school is extremely significant. If one student or staff member becomes infected, everyone who was in close contact will need to be quarantined for 14 days. Close contacts include anyone who spends time, within six feet, of the positive case. When considering the proximity of a school environment, the contacts and exposures grow exponentially, and quickly. We are supporting closures before community transmission is confirmed to greatly reduce further spread of COVID-19 in the community. We recommend that you follow the CDC and Public Health Department guidelines regarding social distancing and group size for gathering.
Consequently, Port Washington-Saukville School District will be closed from March 16 to April 14, 2020. Our staff will be working to provide learning opportunities and resources to access from home. Next week, your building principal will be sharing more information.
Best Regards,
Michael R. Weber, Ph.D.
Port Washington-Saukville School District